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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards becoming a diver- finding out what all is involved. At Discovery Diving®, teaching new divers is one of the things we enjoy most, so if you have any questions about learning to dive, please don’t hesitate to email or call us at 252-728-2265. View our complete 2015 Training Schedule.


The PADI Open Water course is designed to provide the student with the basic knowledge and skills to safely gain limited experience in the diving environment under favorable conditions. We recommend that the newly qualified SCUBA diver limit diving to calm, shallow waters with an experienced buddy and engage in special diving activities only after qualifying through training for the particular activity.

Minimum Age

15 for an Open Water certification (People 12 to 15 years old receive a Junior Open Water Certification.)

Class Description

Training is divided into 8 major categories:

  • Diving Equipment
  • Medical Aspects
  • Diving Physics
  • Diving Environment
  • Dive Tables
  • Diving Practices
  • Diving Activities
  • SCUBA Diving Skills

There are approximately 12 hours of class work and 12 hours of pool work, depending on the progress of the class. The class culminates with 4 SCUBA Dives, which are beach entry dives. We include 2 Boat dives to the Indra, for extra experience on a charter boat and diving on a wreck (weather permitting). If the weather does not permit the Boat Dive, you can come back and do it with another class.


Each person must:

  • Take a swim evaluation consisting of:
    • 1. 200 yard swim with any combination of strokes
    • 2. 10 minute Float
    • 3. 5 Minute Tread
    • 4. Breath Hold Swim
  • Satisfactorily pass a written examination
  • Supply mask, fins, and snorkel, PADI Open Water Manual with tables and Divers Log Book
    • NOTE: Students without mask, fins, and snorkel are requested to wait until after the first class session before purchasing them. The first session details these items and provides information for selecting appropriate and adequate equipment.

Before Class

  • Read the first three sections of text book and answer the questions at the end of each section before the first class meeting
  • Complete the Medical Form


$320.00 (includes one boat dive)

How to Sign Up

For more information or to register for a class, please email or call us at 252-728-2265. After Certification, students will be allowed to use the SCUBA gear FREE OF CHARGE any time we are doing student dives or when they are participating in higher level and Specialty Classes.

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We want to thank you guys for the great time Elias had while taking the certification class and while diving after he passed. Every one was really welcoming and nice and he had an amazing time. He can't wait to come back. The hospitality of the South lives to its standards. A special thanks to Sandra who was our first contact and made our trip happens.

Merci a tous et a bientot !

Elias, Veronique and Cyrii
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Thanks to your professional staff for the great dive day today. Despite the fact that I was sea sick over half of the ride, the dives were excellent. I will share my experience with others looking to dive in this area. Thanks

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I am Flying! Thanks for temp card, GREAT instruction and FUN! Love diving with you guys and looking forward to coming down again soon - it's like a big family there. The sharks at the Indra this weekend were AWESOME. I'm hooked.

John Matthews, North Carolina
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Thanks for the great diving over the past weeks! What an amazing place to dive, North Carolina! We will certainly be back. Your operation, from the shop, to the boats, to the crews of the boats, are exceptional. You are the best.

Jeff and Ela from Eugene
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Just dropping a line to say thanks to you guys for a great week. Your efforts to our vacation is greatly appreciated and is the source for our returning. Thanks to all....looking fwd to 2013..

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Janelle, Neil, Debby and all, Thanks for temp card, GREAT instruction and FUN! Love diving with you guys and looking forward to coming down again soon - it's like a big family there. The sharks at the Indra this weekend were AWESOME. I'm hooked.

Feel free to join me in Belize! Tricia
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My son Kevin and I had a great time diving this past Saturday and Sunday (Labor Day weekend). Captain and mates were all top notch and we will definitely be return visitors. Here's a link to a short video hot on the Papoose on Sunday http://youtu.be/BSS33iPamYY

Thanks again, Arthur Carter
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is is just a note of thanks to all who have touched on my experience with your operation and this course. I want to let you all know that I am very pleased and impressed with all that you have done to get me completed on this introduction to Diving. I consider all aspects of our communications, your handling of the medical forms and the actual instruction as first class and very professional. With Janelle's lead and able assistance by Sara and Christi, I felt very confident and comfortable throughout the process. I am glad to have done this and feel very good about being prepared for the appropriate diving adventures on our French Polynesia cruise in March.


George Scherer
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Divers and Friends of Goddard Sea Ventures – I thought I would share a good news story with you. Last Saturday, Oren, Russ, Yury, Amy Riggs and myself were out diving in Morehead City with Capt. Leroy of Discovery Diving. We were on our second dive at the Titan, a small tug boat that is considered “in shore.” The forecast had radically changed early Saturday morning as a cold front had dipped a little further south than expected. Winds were already picking up and there was some chop. As we came up, our camera equipment was handed up to the boat. When we got back to the dock, it was discovered that Oren’s video light had fallen off during the equipment handling at the dive site. We planned to do a search and recovery at the same site the next day. The winds picked up and all Sunday dives were cancelled. We packed up and drove home. On Monday, I received a call from Dave at Discovery informing me that a light had been recovered at the Titan by a diver from Olympus. The dive community in Morehead City was aware that Leroy had been at the Titan on Saturday, so the light was handed over to Leroy. I described Oren’s light to Dave and he confirmed that it was indeed Oren’s light. As with most dive equipment, this light is highly specialized and a bit pricey. Discovery has mailed the light back to Oren. I find it refreshing to be reminded that there are honest people who communicate among each other. Let this experience become a shining example of cooperation, no pun intended! A very special thanks to Olympus Dive Center and Discovery Diving from Goddard Sea Ventures

Mike Weiss Goddard Sea Ventures