Have you ever been to the beach and wondered what the underwater world was like? Have you ever dreamed of frolicking with fish, dancing with dolphins, or tangoing with turtles? Now, it is easier than ever to learn about the underwater world and to be a part of it! Discovery Diving has been opening the underwater world to people of all ages for over 40 years.  Now is the time for you and your family to get certified!

Over the last 15 years, we have worked with local summer camps to train young adults how to scuba dive. During 2017, we introduced a kids only SCUBA camp. This week long camp not only teaches the tools and techniques for SCUBA diving safely, but also introduces the students to the different National Marine Sanctuaries in the United States. We have partnered with the NOAA Ocean Guardian Dive Club to provide additional training and educational experiences beyond the standard Open Water Diver Course.

Our week long course ensures success for students by providing more pool time to master skills and buoyancy. The camp usually runs from 9:00 in the morning through to 5:00 in the evening. Students will spend some time in the classroom completing knowledge development about the physics and physiology of SCUBA diving. From there, we move to a confined water setting (pool) to assemble their dive gear and learn basic skills like breathing off a regulator and clearing their masks if they get some water in it. Students will also spend one day in the pool specifically working on their buoyancy and mastering skills such as navigating around a “wreck”, identifying different fish species, cleaning up trash in the ocean, and swimming through kelp forests.

After all the confined water skills and knowledge development are completed, the course culminates in two days of open water diving at Radio Island Rock Jetty. Students will complete 2 dives each day, including some skills and a tour of the area. They are most likely to come across black sea bass, oyster toad fish, some tropical fish such as butterfly fish, and sea urchins. We are offering three KIDS Open Water Camps, one KIDS Advanced Open Water Camp, and one KIDS Advanced & Rescue Camp. Class sizes are small to ensure a small student to instructor ratio. Give us a call at 252-728-2265 or visit www.discoverydiving.com.

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